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Hardcore Testosterone Booster
60 Capsules Per Tub / 1 Month Course
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What are Nuke Nutrition T Bullets?
Nuke Nutrition T Bullets are the strongest Testosterone Booster on the market today. If you want to gain huge muscle mass then you need Nuke Nutrition T Bullets. Not only will Nuke Nutrition T Bullets pile on the muscle mass, it will release blistering strength and power into your workouts!

Key Benefits of Nuke Nutrition T Bullets:
- Hardcore muscle hypertrophy!
- Provides blistering strength in your workout!
- Sustained muscle growth & development!
- Improve muscle recovery times!
- Increased sex drive!
- Increased determination & focus!

What Results can I Expect?
Below is a 1 month cycle results.

First Quarter (Day 1-8): You will notice an increase in muscle strength & power. Your libido will begin to increase as testosterone level in your body have risen. You muscles will recover quicker from each workout so you can get back in the gym sooner! Towards the end of the first quarter you will notice an increase in muscle size & definition.
A weight gain of 2-4 pounds (0.9kg - 1.8kg) is normal within the first quarter. This is all pure muscle gain and not fat gain! This is due to a increase of muscle hypertrophy.

Second Quarter (Day 9-16):
A further increase of muscle strength & power. The increase in your sex drive will be sustained as testosterone levels accumulate in your body. Your muscle hypertrophy will now increase to over 230% than your natural growth rate. You will physically feel and see the difference! You should now of gained an additional 2-4 pounds (0.9kg - 1.8kg) of pure muscle mass.

Third Quarter (Day 17-24):
You have now potentially gained up to 8 pounds (3.6kg) of pure muscle mass. During this quarter you will experience the peak of strength, power and muscle growth rate. This is due to your body becoming accustomed to the potent ingredients as begins to use them in a more efficient way.
At the peak of the cycle you will now experience:
- Your muscle growth rate now accelerates to 300%.
- Your strength will dramatically increase .
- Your muscle tone & definition will have reached its peak.
- Your libido will have increased more than the previous 2 quarters.

Fourth Quarter (Day 25-30):
As you are now nearing the end of the cycle the rate at which your muscle increase in size and strength will begin to slow. You will still experience an increase in muscle size & strength but the rate in which this increases will slow. Nearing the end of the cycle (day 28-30) it is highly recommend that you consume a PCT to combat the effects of extremely high testosterone levels. We have Nuke Nutrition Milk Thistle available as the liver cleansing PCT.

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