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Potent Muscle Growth Serum – High Strength




What is Nuke Nutrition Atom Anabolic?
Atom Anabolic is the result of a 3 year study to find and compile the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients into a liquid serum which is capable of increasing the bodies natural testosterone and increasing lean muscle mass and strength, whilst remaining legal.

Why is it in a Serum?
Liquid serum is the fastest way to get Atom Anabolic into the your bodies system.
Right well lets be honest you are not going to become Arnie or Kai Greene
straight away, but over time you will start to see results.  The diagram below gives you an average time line for muscle growth based on a case study conducted in 2016.

Week 0 – 2   | Increase in strength
Week 2 – 3   | Muscle definition should become more prominent
Week 4 – 6  | A significant increase in libido/sex drive
Week 7 – 8  | An increase in muscle size and overall body mass.

Are there any side effects?
Following a case study of 108 subjects, no adverse side effects were recorded.

So who can take Atom Anabolic?
Although there are no legalities to taking this product we strongly recommend it should only be taken by people over the age of 18 who are training on a regular basis.

Container Size: 30ml
Amount per Serving: 1 Pipette
Servings per Container: 30 (1 Month Cycle)
Nuke Nutrition Muscle Enhancement Blend
Directions for Use:
Training days - Take 1 serving 30 minutes before training.
Rest days – Take 1 serving 30 minutes before bed.

How to Take Atom Anabolic:
You place 1 full pipette of liquid under the tongue, allow the liquid to remain there for 10 seconds, then swallow. Alternatively, you can add 1 serving to a drink or protein shake.
Nuke Nutrition’s Atom Anabolic is a strong, potent muscle gaining substance and if you are at all unsure if you should be taking it, please message us and we can provide free advice. This product should only be taken if you are training on a regular basis and wish to significantly increase your gains.


  1. Sam T

    THE BEST! Won’t go anywhere else now!

  2. J. S. McGregor

    I can only speak from personal experience…. But my gains have most certainly increased tenfold!
    reliable, fast delivery and EXCELLENT customer service. I had a question and I was given the answer and sound advice in a compassionate manner.
    Thank you so much Nuke, absolutely my favourite web store.

  3. keho

    Love this

  4. Jack

    Great product

  5. tj

    This stuff is great for guys over 60 does what it says on tin, great in all departments 😉

  6. Callum

    Power gains

  7. John Sherrington

    Weirdly it seems to work , feel stronger at the gym and look more defined don’t know if it’s subconsciously making me train harder or it actually works but for 11 quid it’s a bargain!

  8. watson

    this 100% worked for me. have seen a noticeable better body shape. good muscle definition. it also helps alot with motivation and training and most noticeably in recovery. and i also feel happier in myself. what is not to like. just finished my first bottle. i write this review i i order another 2. taste is very sweet but not horrible.

    i cannot recommend this stuff more highly but at £11 delivered, why not try.

    this was a lucky find one day. 5stars

  9. Ade

    using this product 3 rd week and i feeling amazing! muscle mind connection definitely there. muscles recovers quickly, gives me endurance. well impressed with product, will go for 2 month as guided.

  10. martin thomas

    I think it is great its give me more energy and I can see my body changing I feel fitter stronger and my mussels are taking shape

  11. Jack Beale (verified owner)

    Used for just under a month and have noticed increased power and endurance during training, can also see a noticeable difference in body shape and mass.

    Nuke Nutrition 5*

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