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Lipo Loss Energy Caffeine, Green Tea, Korean Ginseng & Acai Extract


Lipo Loss Energy Caffeine, Green Tea, Korean Ginseng & Acai Extract

(12 customer reviews)

High Strength Capsules – Contains Herbal Extracts



What is Nuke Nutrition Lipo Loss?

Nuke Nutrition Lipo Loss contains herbal extracts including Green Tea Extract, Korea Ginseng, Acai Extract and Caffeine.

Key Benefits:
– Increase Energy Levels

– Great value for money
– Easy to swallow capsules

60 Capsules
Amount per Container: 60
Serving Size - 1-3 Capsules
Servings per Pack - up to 60

120 Capsules
Amount per Container: 120
Serving Size - 1-3 Capsules
Servings per Pack - up to 120

180 Capsules
Amount per Container: 180
Serving Size - 1-3 Capsules
Servings per Pack - up to 180
Active Ingredients)
Green Tea Extract, Korea Ginseng, Acai Extract, Caffeine.

Manufactured in the UK
Take 1-3 capsules on an empty stomach upon waking. Do not exceed more than 3 capsules per day.

Do not exceed stated dose.
Not to be used as a substitute for a varied / balanced diet.
Store in a cool dry place and out of the reach of children.
This product is suitable for Vegans

12 reviews for Lipo Loss Energy Caffeine, Green Tea, Korean Ginseng & Acai Extract

  1. Nina (verified owner)

    Using these as well as the diet pack and they are fab weights dropping off me daily. No horrible side effects. Brilliant product.

  2. Charlotte Rebecca

    The tablets don’t look legit when you open the package at first I was scared to take one incase it had any side effects but they have worked like a dream. I’ve lost 2 stone in a month and that’s from eating smaller portions and taking a tablet a day and I feel much more comfortable with myself

  3. Kirsty

    It says take 2-3 a day. I’ve been taking 3. Reason being I’m larger than i should be for my height and I have had 3 babies in 2 years so I’ve put on 5 stone ( I was 10stone I’ll let you do the math) I’ve been using them for a month and I’m actually gob smacked. I have been exercising too but no change to my diet — I’ve lost 3 stone and I know it isn’t the exercise because I used to Exercise a lot and o barely lost anything.

    Definitely purchase these ! No side affects and I was a bit cautious due to other brands having so many but this one has none and so easy to swallow !

  4. Antonia

    No side effects been on them for 20 days now and lost 9pounds with doing nothing but taking them.. I started off by taking 1 just to be on the safe size, after a week I now take 3 a day. Option is on the package helps with reduced appreciate and energy!

  5. Annemarie Mitchell

    So I’ve just received my tablets and just wondered I work Nightshift so an I better to take mine when I finish in the morning ? Or before I go to work I start at 7pm and finish at 5.30am ?

  6. Suzanne

    I am only on day 1 using these so obviously can not report much , however no side effects so far, I am most worried about diarrhoea as no one want that right!! I was 8.7 5 years ago an now 11 stone so have alot to loose , trying these to get my weight loss started as really struggled to get results quick enough to drive me forward so fingers crossed, I’ll maybe do another review in a few weeks

  7. Carole

    I put off taking these at first as a family member was angry I had bought pills on the net !! But I got so desperate to lose weight I started. 3 a day for a month and for the first time in a long time I have lost 12lb. I need to order some more now.

  8. suzanne

    Starting these today 2 a day, so can not report much at all but i am preying these can give me the jump start i need as i have put on 3 stone and where i used to be in the gym pre covid and doing really well i just can not get my head back in the sae space it was … i am at the largest i have ever been , was always a size 8 10 dependant where you shop but now i am tipping scales at 11.9 if i can just loose 2 stone to boost my confidence and energy i am sure this would be enough to motivate me to do the rest on my own through gym . I can’t even look at myself anymore … like what have i done to myself !!

  9. Adam

    I’m not certain how they work, but they they seem to make it easier to ignore food. I find myself skipping snacks or having smaller portions where before I was constantly grazing.
    100Kg male, 38, and I’ve noticed no adverse side effects from taking the recommended dosage (or even from taking 6).
    Expect to have less appetite and a little more energy.

  10. Maria

    Oh my … I’m soo excited I’ve decided to let go of my fears that maybe this was a scam just to make money!!! I’m ecstatic!! LIPO LOSS works even with just 1 pill!
    I’ve been trying to lose weight and being stuck in numbers that wouldn’t move down in the scale for so long.
    But, since I started taking Lipo Loss a WEEK AGO and counting my calories, I see the NUMBERS going DOWN QUICKLY 🙌🙌 ..from 78 kg to 76 kg ..2 kg less than a week 😳😜 I’m so happy!!.
    It REDUCED MY CRAVINGS FOR SUGAR too which was a big problem I had!
    I started with one pill for a few days to see how I felt but there was NO SIDE EFFECTS, so, today I’m starting taking 2 instead.
    I don’t think is just the numbers going down.. my BELLY FAT LOOKS DIFFERENT ..it does look as if I’m DOING LIPO little by little 😌 ..I’ll definitely buy more products from Nuke Nutrition and speak out loud because people need to know what works.
    This is a game changer for people struggling with their weight!
    Thank you Nuke for creating a such good product!🙏🙌💖

  11. Maria

    I forgot to mention in my review above that I done some research on the ingredients of Lipo Loss, and found out that it doesn’t just help with weight loss but IT HELPS WITH HIGH CHOLESTEROL levels too.
    ACAI BERRY ..KOREAN GINSENG and GREEN TEA are one of the BEST for LOWERING high cholesterol!! 🙌🙌
    Thank you once again Nuke Nutrition! 💖

  12. Gary

    Been taking 2 a day for a week now plus walking alot and I don’t seem to be losing weight, I’ve even cut my portions down and stopped snacking. I’ll give it to the end of the month and see if the results have changed

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